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Quick Release Seat Post Collar


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PAUL COMPONENT started their business by producing a quick release first of all. There are so many kinds of quick releases in this market, but we decided to put an internal cam design quick release designed by PAUL into a seat post collar. Does it look like an old-school style? or New school? cheap dropper? super convenient? YES! YES! YES!!! This super strong, functional and refined quick release seat post collar is machined and produced one by one from American aluminum and stainless steal in Chico, CA. Of course as you expected, we are going to release 4 different SimWorks original colors to you.

Diameters : 30.0, 31.8, 33.1, 35.0mm
Color : Chocolate, Black x Green, Black x Red, Silver x Green, Silver x Red
Material : 6061 Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Weight : 53g
Cam : Internal